Speaking on the Anniversary of the Battle of Valcour Island

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Thanks to a gracious invite by the Daughters of the American Revolution I will be giving a short speech on the Battle of Valcour Island on the 239th anniversary of the Battle October 11, 2015.  The event will be on the second floor lobby at Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh, New York at 1:00 in the afternoon.  I’m most excited that the lobby overlooks the battle site for a sense of we are there.  Hope to see you there.


Been a long time

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Been gone a long time due to health reasons and transitioning at the College where I work.  Happily, I’m back and getting set up to do some more writing.  First I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo writing my first cozy mystery.  I have loved cozies since I was a teenager.  I’ve participated in three NaNoWriMos and am batting 33% with one win and two incompletes so I’m hoping to bring it up to 50-50 this year.  We’ll see.